The EyesOnGolf Blueprint – Protocol for the Collegiate Golfer

Initial Player Assessment & Consultation- $1,500.00

New clients are required to participate in the full-day meeting with Coach Watkins to learn more about managing their games and receive initial insight and protocol for college placement. The day includes a brief introductory meeting, range and short game observation and critique, a round of golf (up to 18 holes) and a wrap p discussion during a post-round meal. Thought the day, Coach observes game management, player posture during training and play, player attitude and ability, collects videos for review and provides a written summary within 10 days of our initial visit. Coach Watkins shares a brief overview with player and parents  and discusses in short the college placement process, and encourages Q & A from both player and parents.

  • Introduction to the College Placement Process
  • Becoming a prospective Student/Athlete
  • Player Assessment
  • Provide Guidance for Improvement
  • Tournament & Competition Recommendations
  • Instill the importance of Integrity
  • Learning how to balance Play vs Practice (How To)
  • The Importance of Academics
  • Preparing a Player Profile and Results Portfolio
  • Communication among Players, Parents, Coaches
  • Life Skills

6 Month Program

  • This program is designed to assist high school seniors who are less than 1 year away from entering college. Time is of the essence for these student/athletes and this program offers an opportunity to explore options and ideas for college placement.

Premium Annual Program

Individual Quotes Available
  • This program will follow guidelines of Annual Program but includes and instruction model on a monthly basis. This is a very individual/personal program and is created to enhance all aspects of student/athletes needs.

*Hourly Program-250.00/hour requiring 10 hours ($2,500.00 retainer)

This program is deigned to allow Susan to assist players and families on an “as need” basis. Susan response to the requests, but does to actively initiate communication and meetings with clients. Once the initial 10 hours have been provided, clients will be charged $250.00 per hour for continued services.

Junior Coaching Available